Our Mission

We are a community of believers who seek to point each other and our neighbours to the depth of God's love, His unmerited grace towards sinners, through the life-changing power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as displayed through the Cross.

Our Passion

To “point”- when you point at something you want others to see what you are seeing, believe what you believe, and to seek after what you are seeking. This is what it really means to point. The passion of our church is to point people to Jesus Christ. It is to boldly proclaim and to visibly show that our lives belong to Jesus Christ.

Our Purpose

To know, to believe, and to experience the fullness of God’s love and His forgiveness toward us in Christ. Our purpose is to be a community defined by the depths of God’s love, and His grace towards us.

Our Process

To develop true disciples of Jesus Christ as we proclaim the gospel in word and in deed. Our identity is in the cross of Christ and we desire to live our lives formed by that identity- In the very life-changing Gospel of His grace and love.