In 1993, under the leadership and direction of Rev. Dr. Daniel Lee, a church was born under the name Chinese Evangelical Church. This first generation mandarin-speaking group began to flourish as they saw the importance of truly loving God and living in obedience to the Gospel. Depending fervently on God through prayer, they sought to share the gospel with other Chinese immigrants as many were brought to the church. Eight years later, in 2001, the church adopted a new name following their instatement under the Christian Missionary Alliance Denomination (C&MA). This faithful and humble group proved to bear much fruit as the church grew in size and strength. One of the young buds that began to blossom was the English Congregation. This group of second-generation young adults and youth began to take on a life of its own as faithful leaders and members began to serve side by side, developing a love and passion for Gospel Ministry. Early on in 2013, discussions were set in place to develop a clear vision and objective for the English Ministry. From the onset, the leaders were passionate about putting together a doctrinally, yet missionally sound vision. Under the direction of key leaders in the church, the English Ministry began to talk about a new name “Crosspoint Fellowship”, and soon after that, they developed key core values and a mission statement. As momentum grew, the English Congregation continued to pray to the Lord for His direction and guidance. Early in 2013, Pastor Andrew Wong came to the church as a frequent guest speaker and then later in March of 2014, he heeded the leading of God and the call to join the church as pastor of English Ministries. With passionate purpose, direction and resolve, God has gave us a clear direction and a clear process- We are to continue to follow Him, to be His true disciples in every aspect of our lives, so that we can walk humbly before Him and glorify Him together as a church.

For more information, go to Chinese Evangelical Alliance Church of Toronto.