What We Believe About Discipleship

One of our primary goals at Crosspoint Fellowship is to develop mature disciples, namely those who have a vibrant, growing, and lasting relationship with Jesus. With this in mind, our desire is for all mature disciples to multiply and help others to grow.

We believe that multiplication of disciples is the key to the healthy growth of the church. Growing a church in numbers and size is not what we are about. We are not about church growth but about gospel growth. The difference is that true discipleship begins with a wide and high view of God and His gospel. In other words, we believe that God can establish the church through the growth of the gospel message and its power in the lives of believers. As the gospel grows in the church, edification and spiritual soul care begin to define who we are so that we are free to practice and share our spiritual gifts in every way.

So with multiplication in mind, a direction for true discipleship is necessary. A disciple is one who follows - one who drops everything to walk in the direction of someone they respect or admire. The mature disciple of Jesus Christ doesn’t only follow, but passionately pursues- running hard after their master. Life as a disciple of Christ is like running after a prize. This journey is certainly not without hurdles and hills but nonetheless, it is filled with joy because of the goal- to know and to become more like Jesus Christ. A person committed to a relationship with Jesus focuses on three things: worshipping Him, walking with Him, and witnessing for Him.

Worshipping Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior

The goal and purpose of every Christian is to worship their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. What does this mean exactly? To worship means to display the “worth” of something. It is to honour and live for the glory of God, who we trust, obey and lean upon. The Scriptures tell us that the chief purpose and goal of every believer is to glorify God by loving Him with the entire heart, soul, mind and strength (Deut 6:5; Isaiah 43:7). Worship is not just what we do on Sundays, it is by nature, who we are as Christians. Our affections and heart’s attention is focused on God and what He has to say to us. We worship God because we love Him and seek Him above all. We worship God by not only by our actions, but by our thoughts and attitudes (Romans 12:1-2).  Since life of a Christian is stamped, sealed, secure and settled in Jesus, we can truly worship Him with all of our lives.

Walking as a follower of Christ

A disciple of Jesus Christ not only worships, but also imitates and follows Christ in every way. Scripture tells us that a disciple lives a manner worthy of the gospel (Col 1:10) and imitates/mirrors the way in which Jesus lived (Eph 5:1-2). One who disregards the honour of Jesus Christ is not one who walks with Him. However the person who is committed to a relationship with Christ, focuses on doing only what is pleasing to Him, and committed to seeing others around them growing in Christlikeness (II Tim 2:2). One who walks with Christ is one who takes carefully his/her relationship with God and is continually growing in sensitivity to their sin. Pauls says, “that as you received from us instruction as to how you ought to walk and please God, that you excel still more”. (I Thess 4:1) As follower of Jesus, we are never satisfied with our own spiritual walk, but instead we are always hungering and thirsting after the things of God, and for His righteousness to be made known in our lives.

Witnessing for Jesus Christ for His Glory

A true disciple not only worships and walks with Christ, but identifies opportunities to witness His name. The Gospel is the power of God for salvation (Romans 1:16-17), and this power is displayed in the message of His love toward us. Therefore, when the gospel grows in a disciple’s life, the urgency to share the message becomes evident. We live in a fallen world filled with darkness and depravity and the only hope is the message of Jesus Christ. This is where multiplication comes in. True mature disciples seek to witness and share the great and glorious gospel so that other disciples are brought up and become mature in Christ. (Col 1:28) They continue to do so until other quality disciples are developed and grow to become mature. This is how discipleship happens and thus multiplication. (Matthew 28:18-20)